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Canada's Start Up Visa Program

The Startup Visa program was launched on April 1st 2013 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to recruit innovative immigrant entrepreneurs to Canada. As a way to help these in-demand entrepreneurs fulfill their potential and maximize their impact on the Canadian labour market, they require the support of a Canadian angel investor group or venture capital fund before they can apply to the Startup Visa Program.

The CVCA has compiled a list of its venture capital fund members that wish to participate in the Start Up Visa program and this list and more information can be found on the CIC web site at 
List of Designated Entities:  

Startup Visa Portal:  

Entrepreneurs should contact those venture capital funds directly and participating venture capital funds will then decide on which companies/entrepreneurs to invest.

For more information please visit STARTUP VISA CANADA .

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Notice to Venture Funds Interested in Participating

Canadian venture capital funds that would like to participate in the Start-Up Visa program as a designated fund must meet the following criteria:
1. Must be a CVCA Member (link to membership application). If the fund is a CVCA member and joined after October 1, 2012, then they will be required to complete a background due diligence process (as will all new CVCA Members) as part of the membership application. This process has been arranged through CVCA’s approved vendor, KPMG. Note that the cost for this process will be incurred by the member applicant. Please note that CVCA Full Members that were members as at Oct 1 2012, automatically qualify to participate in Start Up Visa program and do not need to go through the due diligence process and may proceed by completing the application form.
2. Complete the applicable Start-up Visa application form (link to forms). The CVCA will then review and, if approved, will recommend the funds participation to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
3. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration will officially designate funds to participate in the Start up Visa program.

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September 5, 2013

Attention CVCA Members,

CVCA full member venture capital funds, who may be interesting in participating in the start up visa pilot program must please inform CVCA staff as soon as possible.

We are informed that a window of opportunity to participate in the program is now open and that the citizenship and immigration department officials responsible for managing the program will be sending up recommendations to the Minister to designate additional funds as qualifying to participate in start up visa in mid-September.

If interested, please complete the form applicable to when you joined CVCA and capital under management  .4 PAGE FORM

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 613-744-8969 or .

Yours sincerely,

Richard M. Rémillard
Executive Director