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Committees of the CVCA:

The executive committee’s role is to assist the chair, , and help guide the association to ensure the smooth operation of the CVCA on behalf of its board of directors. The committee meets regularly to review current issues facing the CVCA as well as the activities of other committees.

Chair: David Mullen (Graycliff Partners)

Peter van der Velden (Lumira Capital)
Alain Denis (Fonds de solidarité FTQ )
Wally Hunter (EnerTech Capital)
Whitney Rockley (McRock Capital)
Pierre Schuurmans (Birch Hill Equity Partners)
Gregory Smith (InstarAGF Asset Managment)
Mark Usher (Wellington Financial)

The nominating committee is tasked with making recommendations on board renewals on an annual basis. The committee’s recommendations reflect the composition of the CVCA’s membership. The committee is responsible for identifying suitable, qualified candidates to serve on the board. The committee also discusses continuing board membership with existing directors.

Chair: Peter van der Velden (Lumira Capital)
Gregory Smith (InstarAGF Asset Management)

The Finance committee’s role is to ensure that that the CVCA’s finances continue to be managed in a sound and prudent fashion, including ensuring that there is at all times sufficient liquid assets to meet any extended period of declining revenues. It is responsible for developing investment and financial control policies, including a formal Travel and Expenses policy. It carries out its tasks by preparing an annual budget with input from other committees and by ensuring that there is full and comprehensive financial reporting.

Chair: Pierre Schuurmans (Birch Hill Equity Partners)
Jim Charlton (GrowthWorks Capital Ltd.)
Silvio Marsili (Roynat Capital)
Kathryn Ryan (CVCA)
Tim Stockman
Mike Woollatt (CVCA)

To provide coordinated oversight in developing and leveraging CVCA’s content, research and various communication assets and distribution channels. Dedicated or related sub-committees include:

Steve Hnatiuk (Lighthouse Equity Partners) (Co-Chair)
Whitney Rockley (McRock Capital) (Co-Chair)
Chris Arsenault (iNovia Capital Inc.)
Jenifer Bartman (Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services)
Gilles Durufle
Tom Hayes (Growthworks Atlantic)
Grant Kook (Westcap Mgt. Ltd)
Scott MacDonald (McRock Capital)
Robert Montgomery (Achilles Media)
Rick Nathan (Kensington Capital Partners)
Gary Rubinoff (Summerhill Venture Partners)
Gregory Smith (Instar Infrastructure)
David Unsworth (RBC Venture Partners)
Peter van der Velden (Lumira Capital)

Sub Committees
Private Capital Editorial Board (Steve Hnatiuk, Chair)
Research & Statistics (Gilles Durufle, Chair)
Industry Impacts Report (Tom Hayes, Chair)
Branding and Marketing (Whitney Rockley, Chair)

The Corporate Venturing Committee's role is to engage the Canadian corporate venturing community to help facilitate better networking, cooperation and education. The committee will organize events, collect and disseminate data, and solicit members from corporations investing in Canada.

Chair: Mark Blackwell, (Cenovus Energy )
Joe Catalfamo (Summerhill Venture Partners)

The Government Relations committee’s role is to oversee the conduct of the CVCA’s relations with all levels of government. The committee is charged with developing a pro-active agenda to present to government(s) and with ensuring that the industry’s interests are defended as circumstances warrant. The Government Relations committee is responsible for leading the process of updating an update of the CVCA’s five-point venture capital plan.

Chair: John Ruffolo (OMERS Ventures)
David Adderley (Celtic House Venture Partners)
Janie Béïque (Fonds de solidarité FTQ)
Ross Bricker (Lighthouse Equity Partners)
Joe Catalfamo (Summerhill Venture Partners)
Gilles Duruflé
Tom Hayes (GrowthWorks Atlantic)
Steve Hnatiuk (Lighthouse Equity Partners)
Grant Kook (Westcap Mgt. Ltd.)
Geneviève Morin (Fondaction)
Rick Nathan (Kensington Capital Partners)
Richard Rémillard
Whitney Rockley (McRock Capital)
Gregory Smith (Instar Infrastructure)
Peter van der Velden (Lumira Capital)
Mike Woollatt (CVCA)

The International  committee’s role is to develop a strategy and action plan for the promotion of the Canadian venture capital and private equity asset class in priority foreign markets.

Chair: Michael Raymont (AVAC)
Mike Walkinshaw (Fronterra Ventures)
Richard Meadows (CTI Life Sciences Fund)
Greg Smith (InstarAGF Asset Management)
Sunil Selby (Trellis Capital)
Jim de Wilde (JdW Strategic Ventures)

The Membership committee's role is to develop and implement strategies for new member recruitment and member retention.

Chair: Mark Usher (Wellington Financial)
Sean Brownlee (Rho Canada Ventures)
Gary Solway (Bennett Jones)
Boris Wertz (Version One Ventures)
Jim White (HUB International HKMB)

The Tax Policy committee’s role is to oversee the implementation of Board tax priorities and to advocate in favor of the removal of specific impediments to the smooth conduct of venture capital and private equity business that may exist in the federal and provincial Income Tax Acts. The Tax Policy committee is also responsible for monitoring tax matters abroad as they could potentially affect Canadian funds, including moves by government authorities in the U.S. and elsewhere to increase the tax burden on the industry.

Chair: Jocelyn Blanchet (KPMG)
Pam Cross (Borden Ladner Gervais LLP)
David Copeland (ONEX)
Chris Govan (ONEX)
Steve Hnatiuk (Lighthouse Equity Partners)
Stephen Hurwitz (Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP)
Neil Marcovitz (Northleaf Capital Partners)
Craig Rankine (Torquest Partners)
Richard Rémillard
John Ruffolo (OMERS Ventures)
Mike Woollatt (CVCA)

A CFO committee has been struck to deal with regulatory and reporting issues affecting member funds. The sub-committee also serves as a forum for CFO’s to exchange news and views about emerging issues. Other than statistics, this committee will absorb the functions of what was formerly the Statistics, Reporting and Valuation Committee .

Chair: Kim Davis (Torquest) 
Francois Gavin (iNovia) 
Serena Lefort (OMERS Private Equity)
Beth Maliakkal (Imperial)
Cole Orobetz (Avrio)
Tim Stockman (Kensington Capital)

The Awards committee is responsible for managing the processes for selecting winners of all key CVCA award programs including: Deal of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and the award for Community Leadership. The CVCA awards program provides the association with the means to celebrate success and innovation in the venture capital and private equity industry as well as the industry’s close ties with Canada’s leading entrepreneurs.

Chair: Sandra Bosela (OPTrust Private Markets Group)
Brad Ashley (Priveq)
Cody Church (TriWest Capital)
Aki Georgacacos (Avrio Capital)
Michael Hollend (TorQuest)
Richard Kinlough (GE Antares)
Richard Rémillard (CVCA)
Whitney Rockley (McRock Capital)
Natalie Townsend (North Rock Capital)

ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2014 COMMITTEE - Ottawa- May 20-22, 2014
The Annual Conference committee’s role is to ensure that this event continues to attract growing attendance and sponsorship levels by providing a memorable experience to registrants and by attracting a strong turnout of senior industry executives from Canada and abroad. The Annual Conference remains the CVCA’s single largest revenue and expense item. Indeed, it has been a growing source of the CVCA’s income on both an absolute and a proportionate basis. The committee is charged with preparing a conference program, securing speakers and developing a budget in collaboration with the Finance committee.

Chair: Wally Hunter (EnerTech Capital)
Vice Chair; Alison Nankivell (BDC)
Sean Brownlee (RHO Canada Ventures)
Aki Georgacacos (Avrio Ventures)
Rebecca Giffen (Alberta Enterprise Corp)
Eileen Greene (Hub International)
Lauren Harris (Northleaf Capital Partners)
Bobby Hobbs (Hobbs & Towne)
Lorne Jacobson (Triwest Capital)
Thilo Kaufman (Walton Asset Management)
Andrew Keenan (CVCA)
Richard Kinlough (GE Antares)
Georges Nasr (Caledon)
Senia Rapisarda (Harbourvest)
Art Robinson (32 Degrees Capital)
Whitney Rockley (McRock Capital)
Lloyd Segal (Persistence Capital)
Brenda Slauko (BDC)
Robert  Sturgeon (EDC)
Paul Sparks (Difference Capital)
Shirley Speakman (MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund)
Tony Van Bommel (BDC)
Peter van der Velden (Lumira Capital)
Mike Woollatt (CVCA)

This committee will develop events that are targeted to female members of the CVCA, will work with staff to establish an on-line discussion forum for members comparable to what has been developed by the CFO- sub-committee for its members and will develop strategies for increasing the attractiveness of careers in private equity to women. LINK TO CWPE Page

Co-Chair: Samantha Horn (Stikeman Elliott)
Co-Chair: Adrianna Czornyj (Deloitte)
Sandra Bosela (OPTrust Private Markets Group)
Winnie Chou (Loewen & Partners Inc.)
Sonal Doshi (RBC Capital Markets)
Sarah Goel (EdgeStone Capital Partners)
Vanessa Grant (Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP)
Brenda Hogan (Ontario Capital Growth Corporation)
Brooke Jamison (Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP)
Alina Osorio (Aquila Infrastructure Management)
Lori Prokopich (Fogler, Rubinoff LLP)
Valerie Scott (Swander Pace)
Brett Stewart (McMillan LLP)
Thecla E. Sweeney (Birch Hill Equity Partners)
Natalie Townsend (NorthRock Capital Partners)
Ann Watson (Paul Capital Partners)

This committee is responsible for promoting closer ties between CVCA members and Aboriginal business by planning joint events with Aboriginal business associations, by enhancing the visibility presence of the venture capital and private equity industry in various forums and by identifying areas for joint collaboration on matters of public policy and business development.

Co-Chair: Grant Kook (Westcap Mgt. Ltd.)
Co-Chair: Gregory Smith (Instar Infrastructure.)
John Berton (Georgian Partners)
Tom Hayes (GrowthWorks Atlantic)
Jeff Pentland (Northleaf Capital Partners)
Ed Truant (Imperial Capital)

The Professional Development (PD) committee is responsible for organizing the annual series of PD events and in so doing, identifying individual event topics and keynote speakers capable of attracting high attendance levels on a consistent basis..

Chair: Sarah Goel (EdgeStone Capital Partners) 
Jenifer Bartman (Jenifer Bartman Advisory Services)
Roger Chabra (Rho Canada)
Daryl Ching (Ubequity Capital)
Matthew Cockburn (Torys LLP)
James Cowan (Macquarie)
Jacinta Davies (Aon)
Johanna Gerrie (KPMG)
Lauren Harris (Northleaf Capital Partners)
Cynthia Lavoie (TVM Life Sciences Fund)
Craig Netterfield (Wellington Financial)
Ian Palm (Gowlings)
Richard Pay (PwC Transaction Services)
Wayne Pommen (Torquest Partners)
Royal Poulin (RES PUBLICA Consulting)
Whitney Rockley (McRock Capital)
Sunil Selby (Trellis Capital Corp)
Jim White (HUB International HKMB)
Roger Wilson (BDC Venture Capital) 

The YPC committee organizes social events that are designed to strengthen networking opportunities amongst younger members of the venture capital and private equity community. LINK TO YPC Page

Kate Roscoe (Manulife Capital) Co-Chair
Christophe Bourque (Tandem Expansion Fund) Co-Chair
Hashem Aboulhosn (Vanedge Capital)
Catherine Dupéré (BDC Venture Capital)
Christophe Bourque (Tandem Expansion Fund)
Shannon Martin (Fulcrum Capital)
Geoff Gilbert (KPMG )
Amardeep Mundi (BMO Capital Corp)
Ira Shiner (Teachers Private Capital)
Gary Solway (Bennett Jones) 
Matt Kindree (Baker McKenzie)
Ludovic Dumas (Claridge)                            

The Golf Tournament committee is tasked with organizing the CVCA Charity Golf Classic that is held on the greater Toronto area in late August. This tournament provides a informal forum for networking and a portion of the proceeds are given to a charity as selected by CVCA's Community Leadership Award winner in May.

Chair: Brian Kobus (Summerhill Venture Partners)
Geoff Gilbert (KPMG)
Samantha Horn (Stikeman Elliott)
Damien Steel (OMERS Ventures)
Jim White (HUB International HKMB)