Sep. 20, 2022 by CVCA Staff

Since 2013, CVCA has gathered data on Canada’s venture capital and private equity industry. Over the last nine years, this centralized industry research has helped us provide the CVCA membership with a more accurate understanding of the market, the issues affecting the industry, and the best positions to drive growth. This data has also become fundamental to help inform CVCA’s work with policymakers, media, and other stakeholders. As a result, CVCA has become recognized as the authority for the most comprehensive look at Canada’s private equity and venture capital landscape.

To make industry data available in more usable and accessible formats, CVCA began providing its data through a single window in 2015. Today, we’re pleased to announce the 2.0 update in the evolution of CVCA Intelligence, which provides a real-time look at the Canadian market.

Learn about the new features, access the FAQs, and view the tutorial video here.

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