CVCA’s Mission

Our Mission

We help our members fuel the economy of the future by growing the businesses of today.

The private capital industry is dynamic, and our members make significant investment decisions every day that have material impacts across the economy. CVCA’s job is to support our members to do their best work.

As the voice of Canada’s private capital industry, the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) works with the investors behind some of the biggest innovations fuelling the Canadian economy. 

Representing more than 360 member firms and over 3300 individuals, CVCA is proud to advocate on behalf of the industry and connect private capital professionals with market intelligence, expert insights, and other industry authorities.

Our members are as unique as the companies they work with. Our venture capital members are building new enterprises from the ground up, pursuing ground-breaking discoveries and developing novel products, services and platforms.

Our private capital members are engines of growth for established firms that are elevating their business. Together, they play a critical role in Canada’s economic success. As a national organization, CVCA unites professionals, raises industry awareness, and advocates on behalf of its members for fair and competitive policies that drive innovation and growth across Canada. 

The CVCA is proud of its track record of delivering value to its members. With this support, our members excel at driving economic growth, creating jobs, and fostering healthy communities.

Policy & Advocacy

We champion Canada’s innovation and growth ecosystems, ensuring access to vital capital, top talent, and competitive tax policies. Our policy guidance fosters an environment where private capital drives economic growth and job creation.

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Research & Insights

Our research and CVCA Intelligence provide critical insights and analyses, including quarterly market reports. This data empowers professionals and analysts to make informed decisions and drive economic growth.

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Essential Resources

Empower your professional growth with evolving development programs, industry model documents, and best practices. Stay informed with industry updates and navigate regulatory shifts with our insights. We aim to keep you one step ahead, freeing you to focus on your business.

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Our approach goes beyond typical networking events. By leveraging our dynamic network that spans multiple industries and borders, we facilitate powerful partnerships and collaboration opportunities, ensuring CVCA members are always at the forefront of market developments.

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CVCA members drive innovation, foster collaboration, and shape the future of Canada’s economy.

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