Annual Conference Committee - Ottawa - May 25-27, 2022 Committee

Annual Conference Committee — Ottawa — May 25 – 272022

The annual conference committee’s role is to ensure that this event continues to grow attendance and sponsorship levels by providing a memorable experience for registrants, and by attracting a strong turnout of senior industry executives from Canada and abroad. The committee is charged with preparing a conference program, securing speakers, and developing a budget in collaboration with the finance committee.


Michelle McBane, StandUp Ventures
Thomas Park
, BDC Capital 

Amy Rae, Vanedge Capital Partners
Julia Kassam
, CIBC Innovation Banking
Code Cubitt, Mistral Venture Partners
Pat White
, Wesley Clover
Keith Gillard
, Upper Stage Ventures
Win Bear
, Kensington Capital Partners
Peter van der Velden
, Lumira Ventures
Jennifer Williams
, Genesys Capital Management
Catherine Beauchemin
Catherine Bérubé
, Cycle Capital Management
Lauren Harris
, Northleaf
Jean-François Routhier,