A CFO network deals with regulatory and reporting issues affecting member funds. The network also serves as a forum for CFOs to exchange news and views about emerging issues.

Chair: Natalya Novikov (Cycle Capital)
: Rob Connoly (Westcap)

Alfred Chuang (Kensington Capital Partners Ltd.)
Jenna Francone (Garage Capital)
Anuja Royan (Mithril 360)
Elias Toby (Dancap Private Equity)
Nicole Vivaldi (First Ascent Ventures)
Jeannette Wiltse (Relay Ventures)
James Willey (Onex)
Peter Zissis (Birch Hill Equity Partners)
Jennifer Williams (Genesys Capital)
Wilson Lee (Round13 Capital)
Tanya Babalow (Ironbridge Equity Partners)