Industry Awareness & Editorial Committee Committee

Industry Awareness & Editorial Committee

As private capital professionals, it is often a challenge to illustrate and raise awareness of the value of private capital to media, stakeholders, governments, and the public at large. CVCA’s industry awareness and editorial committee are tasked with addressing this challenge. 

Committee members work closely with the CVCA communications and marketing team in developing and coordinating promotional and marketing programs, media relations, presentations, and tools to promote the industry and advance the association’s strategic goals.

The committee is also tasked to help better develop, coordinate, promote, distribute, and monetize CVCA’s official publication, CVCA Central, and all available media and technologies. 

Chair: Scott MacDonald (McRock Capital)
Co-chair: Margaret Wu (Georgian)

Past Chair: Jenifer Bartman (Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services)
Matt Cohen (Ripple Ventures)
Karim Gillani (Luge Capital)
Jonathan Goodkey (BDC Capital)
Shannon Martin (Fulcrum Capital Partners)
Siddharth Srivastava (McRock Capital)