Data Committee Committee

Data Committee

The data committee is responsible for supporting CVCA as the authoritative source of private capital data in Canada, by ensuring the quality of research, analysis, and technical capabilities, including CVCA Intelligence and quarterly market reports.

Chair: Jacki Jenuth (Lumira Ventures)
Co-Chair/Vice Chair: Sean O’Connor (Conexus Venture Capital)

Rebecca Giffen (VCAA)
Éléonore Jarry (Brightspark)
Manpreet Kaur (Teralys Capital)
Martin Phillip (BDC Capital)
Olivier Beaudoin (Fonds de Solidarité FTQ)
Philippe Kow (Georgian Partners)
Daniel Brodeur-Chouinard (CDPQ)
Christianna Manzocco (VCAA & Alberta Enterprise Corporation)
Pierre-Marc Paré (CDPQ)
John Can Karayel (Boast Capital)
Sanjay Zimmermann (White Star Capital)
Lew Turnquist (Kirchner Group