The government relations committee’s role is to oversee the development of the CVCA’s advocacy priorities and the execution of meaningful engagement with all levels of government. The committee is charged with developing a proactive agenda that ensures sound public policy is in place that encourages a favourable environment for investment.

Chair: Matthew Leibowitz (Plaza Ventures)
Prashant Matta — Panache

Kim Furlong — CVCA
Jocelyn Blanchet — KPMG
Aaron Brindle — Radical
Senia Rapisarda – Harbourvest
Marie-Hélène Lafond — Fondaction
Gilles Duruflé — Independent
Julie Plouffe — Sagard
Olivier Quinneville — Reseau
Win Bear – Kensington Capital
Andrew Sanden – Intrinsic VC
Jerome Abello CIC Capital Ventures
Lauren Epstein – Standup VC