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Reading Body Language and Enhancing Trust in Professional Relationships

Reading Body Language and Enhancing Trust in Professional Relationships

Date & TimeOctober 28th 2020 | 6:30PM - 7:30PM ET
Type Webinar
Location Online

Join your YPC colleagues on October 28 for Reading Body Language and Enhancing Trust in Professional Relationships through an interactive virtual lecture led by Tatiana Astray, Doctoral Candidate, Schulich School of Business.

YPC members will enjoy this interactive session with Tatiana Astray to learn and implement the latest science-based approaches to reading body language and enhancing trust in your professional relationships. In this interactive session, YPC members will:

  • Learn the purpose of emotional expressions in relationships and how to use to enhance negotiation outcomes and team performance
  • Gain confidence identifying the 7 facial expressions commonly found across cultures
  • Practice identifying the intentions and emotions behind behavioural cues
  • Learn how to strategically employ positive emotions to enhance your counterpart’s trust, relationship satisfaction and desire to negotiate with you again
  • Learn which specific negative emotions erode trust and decrease your counterpart’s desire to negotiate with you
  • And, as a bonus, all participants will be provided with a behavioural coding cheat sheet

Note that space is limited for this event.

About Tatiana Astra

Tatiana Astray is a subject matter expert on negotiations and professional relationships. She is a doctoral candidate in Organization Studies at the Schulich School of Business, the recipient of the highly competitive Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship (SSHRC), and has presented her research at conferences such as the International Associate for Conflict Management. Her research program focuses on professional relationships, emotional expressions, and trust in the context of negotiations. Additionally, she has worked in the education, marketing, and technology start-up sectors in the capacities of educator, researcher and consultant. Currently, she is teaching Business Negotiations at the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University and at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship at the University of Waterloo. Tatiana also sits on the board for Jumpstart, an NGO that focuses on the economic empowerment of Canadian refugees.

This event is for YPC members only. 

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