Diversity Internship Program

Building the next generation of private capital leaders

About the Program and Our Next Intake

The CVCA Diversity Internship Program is an initiative designed to nurture a diverse talent ecosystem within Canadian private capital, while significantly benefiting our member firms. As we prepare for the upcoming intake, our focus is on engaging member firms that are interested in adding to their team and reaping the benefits of a carefully selected pool of talented individuals. This program underscores CVCA’s support for members, aiming to provide a platform for member firms to easily access and integrate diverse talent while fostering a more innovative industry. 

Benefits of Participation

Joining this program is an investment in your firm’s future. It’s an access point to diverse talent that comes with a fresh array of perspectives, crucial for innovative problem-solving and informed decision-making. 

Diverse teams are known for enhanced problem-solving and risk management due to a broader range of perspectives. They better reflect the global market, aiding in understanding and reaching varied clientele. Plus, a strong diversity stance can enhance reputation, attracting investment, deal flow, and top-notch talent. Lastly, a diverse workforce aligns with growing investor expectations and regulatory standards, placing your firm in a favourable position in the competitive landscape.

Past Participants

CVCA members such as Birch Hill Equity Partners, Teralys Capital, Yaletown Partners, Fengate Asset Management, Northleaf Capital Partners, Information Venture Partners, Vertu Capital, and Saagard Private Equity have already leveraged this initiative.

Enhance your Team with CVCA's Diversity Internship Program

CVCA members, seize the opportunity to diversify and strengthen your teams! Get involved in our upcoming Diversity Internship Program intake. This is your chance to access a pool of talented, diverse individuals ready to bring fresh perspectives and innovation to your firm. Reach out now to participate and drive your firm’s future success.

CVCA X Oxford + Richmond

CVCA has partnered with Oxford + Richmond, a future-forward, retained executive search firm, to co-create a revamped, progressive and large-scale CVCA Diversity Internship Program. This Program is designed to nurture a diverse talent ecosystem within Canadian private capital, while significantly benefiting our member firms. Apply today.

Stay Tuned

Applications for the summer 2024 term are now closed. We will reopen again in the fall for the summer 2025 term.

Step into a world full of opportunity and growth through the CVCA Diversity Internship Program. If the venture capital or private equity sector is where you envision your future, this is your chance to jumpstart that dream. Our program is not just a gateway to gaining profound knowledge and practical experience, but a platform to broaden your network extensively within the industry. By diving into real experiences, you get to enhance your problem-solving skills and gain a closer look at the VC or PE vertical. The connections you will foster here could lead to exciting job prospects post graduation, or even become a catalyst if entrepreneurship is your calling. Through this internship, you aren’t just getting a glimpse of the industry; you’re setting a strong foundation for an impressive career.