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Investing in Canada

Investing in Canada

Private capital plays a vital role in building a stronger and more sustainable Canadian economy.

The private capital industry enhances productivity, increases competition, and creates high paying jobs. CVCA exists to support a healthy, functioning private capital system that works for the economy and for our members.

We are anchored in our mission to help our members fuel the economy of the future by growing the businesses of today.

Private Capital Why is it Important?

Private capital investment provides the expertise and capital to power Canadian companies at every stage of their development. 

CVCA’s venture capital members are building new enterprises from the ground up, pursuing ground-breaking discoveries and developing innovative products, services, and platforms. And our private equity members are the engines of growth for established firms, elevating and entering new markets to expand their businesses.

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Policy & Advocacy

As the voice of the venture capital and private equity industry, the CVCA advocates strongly for a policy and regulatory environment conducive to stimulating and supporting the vital innovative investments our members make every day to support the growth of Canada’s economy.

Our advocacy centres primarily around these areas:

  • Providing a Competitive Tax & Investment Régime
    To continue to attract private investment into Canadian entrepreneurial ventures and innovation ecosystem, Canada must maintain a strong, competitive tax and investment régime. 
  • Accessing World Class Talent

    The CVCA works closely with both educational institutions and governments to ensure that Canada continues to cultivate the talent required to fuel innovation and growth.

  • Ensuring Sustainable Capital
    The CVCA strongly supports the creation of a third venture capital program to build on the success of VCAP and VCCI, as well as exploring how to attract more diverse sources capital to this asset class. 
  • Advocacy Related to COVID-19

    Through iterative, collaborative dialogue with the federal government, the CVCA was successful in achieving the priorities outlined in our letter to the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade.

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Private Capital
In Canadian Communities Coast-To-Coast

Canadian jobs rely on private capital. Learn how private capital contributes to communities across the country.

Private Equity Case Studies

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Private equity-backed Weatherhaven is helping communities combat COVID-19

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OP-ED // Private Equity: The Engine That Fuels Canada’s Growth
OP-ED // Private Equity: The Engine That Fuels Canada’s Growth

I joined the CVCA a year ago with limited knowledge of private capital. I had been exposed to venture investing, to some degree,…

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