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Venture capital is a partnership with investors for companies that have the potential to reshape markets and tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

It nurtures innovation.

It creates jobs.

It grows Canada’s economy.

Vision + Venture

Canadians are innovators, leaders, and dreamers.

Brilliant ideas can come from anyone. The challenge is moving those ideas from concept to reality.

Many Canadians have a vision to start their own company and disrupt the status quo. They just need someone to back them.

Enter venture capital.

Venture capital helps power innovative companies and ideas. Through capital, expertise, and global networks, venture capital diversifies our economy into knowledge-based industries, which are essential to our future and your well-being.


We’re experiencing revolutionary change across the country and the entire world.

Supply chain disruptions. Geo-political upheaval. A changing climate.

Resilience and forward-thinking are necessary. Canada must be well-positioned to address these challenges and be nimble and adaptive to what comes next.

The good news is that Canadians have solutions to tackle these pressing challenges. Venture capital turns these challenges into opportunities.

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Where Does Venture Capital Go?

Leading the Charge

In 2013, the government seized on the opportunity to create jobs, wealth, position Canada as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and recognized venture capital as the partner of choice. 

The Venture Capital Action Plan (VCAP) and the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI) programs are a partnership with Canada’s growing professionally managed VC market, and one of the many ways Canadians can fund their big ideas. This in turn enables us to create jobs, spur innovation, and export our influence across the globe.

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Looking for a Competitive Edge?

Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative

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As we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, a priority of the Government of Canada is to put Canada’s economy on a stronger footing, both for Canadians today and future generations.

Here’s how VC is partnering with the government to support Canadian entrepreneurs in their efforts to start up, scale up, and become the next generation of Canadian anchor companies.

CVCA Intelligence

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CVCA Intelligence is the most comprehensive private capital data for the Canadian market.

Download our latest venture capital report for free if you are interested in: identifying top trends, pinpointing hot spots for investment by sector and province, and finding the most active investment firms and upcoming companies to keep an eye on.

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