As the voice of the venture capital and private equity industry, the CVCA advocates strongly for a policy and regulatory environment conducive to stimulating and supporting the vital innovative investments our members make every day to support the growth of Canada’s economy.

Our advocacy centres primarily around three areas of government action: ensuring there is adequate capital in the innovation ecosystem; accessing world class talent that can translate that capital into scalable value; and, a competitive tax and investment regime that rewards the risks associated with the private capital asset class.

CVCA’s Pre-Budget Submission 2024

In a rapidly evolving global economic landscape, Canada’s resilience is being put to the test.

To address the challenges and opportunities on the horizon, we present a comprehensive submission in advance of the 2024 Federal Budget. Our recommendations outline a strategic roadmap to bolster Canada’s economic competitiveness and innovation. As we navigate the complex terrain of rising financing costs and tighter credit conditions, it’s imperative that we take bold action.

This submission encompasses six key recommendations, ranging from fostering venture capital to incentivizing innovation. These proposals aim to steer Canada towards a brighter economic future, positioning us to emerge stronger on the global stage.

Our Primary Focus

Providing a Competitive Tax & Investment Regime

To continue to attract private investment into Canadian entrepreneurial ventures and innovation ecosystem, Canada must maintain a strong, competitive tax and investment regime.

Tax investment

Ensuring Sustainable Capital

The CVCA strongly supports the creation of a third venture capital program to build on the success of VCAP and VCCI, as well as exploring how to attract more diverse sources capital to this asset class.

Sustainable capital

Accessing World Class Talent

The CVCA works closely with both educational institutions and governments to ensure that Canada continues to cultivate the talent required to fuel innovation and growth.

Accessing talent

Help us shape the future

CVCA members have the opportunity to help shape Canadian Private Capital industry policy by participating in our annual general meeting, member surveys, and policy committees.