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Private Equity At Work

Private Equity At Work

Private equity is transforming and growing businesses across Canada

Private Equity’s Impact Across Canada

Many iconic Canadian brands have been built with the help of private equity including Roots, Canada Goose, Lululemon, Goodlife Fitness, Sleep Country Canada, Sunquest Vacations, Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Cirque du Soleil (just to name a few).

While these big names capture attention, 90% of Canadian businesses are small to medium-sized and many of which will rely on private equity as a strategic partner for their growth. 

In communities from coast-to-coast, these investments assist entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses and enabling them to compete in a global market. This partnership is more than a simple injection of capital. For it to be successful, it must be based on a joint vision for growth that includes both the strategy and the dollars required to reach that goal. 

While private equity firms are not business operators, they bring perspective, industry expertise, strategic insights, governance and have enough distance to see the bigger picture, while being close enough to oversee operations and how the strategic plan is implemented.

Like any relationship, the coming together of an independent business with a private equity firm is based on a deep understanding and common agreement on the business direction.

Canadian Private Equity At Work

Canadian Private Equity at Work

Private Equity At Work

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