Third Edition Now Available!

Just Released: The 3rd Edition of The 50: A Guide to the Canadian Venture Capital Ecosystem! In partnership with the Trade Commissioner Service, we’re proud to showcase the latest trends, successes, and profiles of over 50 leading VC firms in Canada’s venture capital sector. This edition highlights the resilience and innovation driving our VC community. Discover new insights and join us in celebrating Canadian ingenuity.

The 50, a collaboration between the CVCA and the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), is an annual online guide to the Canadian venture capital (VC) ecosystem, and features 50 of Canada’s VC firms. The goal of The 50 is to showcase members of the CVCA to foreign Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs) and to spotlight Canada’s VC landscape on the global stage. 

This annual strategic guide aims to expand the global network of Canadian VC funds, build investment interest in Canada, and amplify the investment opportunities of exceptional Canadian VC firms, specifically focusing on VC firms engaged in international fundraising. Since the publication is released annually, the spotlighted firms are updated each year.

Explore Canada’s Dynamic VC Landscape

The 50 is not a ranking of the top 50 firms in Canada, but rather a guide to the Canadian venture capital ecosystem — an immersive journey into the heart of Canada’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape. Featured funds will span a range of sectors and​verticals, investment stages, and will include both established VC firms, CVCs, and first-time and emerging funds and managers.