Private capital investment provides the expertise and capital to power Canadian companies at every stage of their development.

The private capital industry enhances productivity, increases competition, creates high paying jobs, and is building a stronger and sustainable economy.

CVCA’s venture capital members are building new enterprises from the ground up, pursuing ground-breaking discoveries and developing innovative products, services, and platforms. And our private equity members are the engines of growth for established firms, elevating and entering new markets to expand their businesses.

CVCA is anchored in its mission to help our members fuel the economy of the future by growing the businesses of today.

What is private capital?

Private capital is an umbrella term for investment, typically through funds, in assets not available on public markets. Private capital is private investment encompassing private equity, venture capital, private debt, infrastructure, and more.

So, what exactly is private equity?

The active management that a private equity partnership brings to its portfolio companies helps them to become more successful businesses with stronger, more sustainable futures.

How Does Private Equity Benefit Everyday Canadians?

Learn how private equity invests in Canadian SMEs, creates jobs, supports retirement ambitions, and creates prosperity.

So then, what’s venture capital?

Venture capital helps power innovative companies and ideas and diversifies the Canadian economy into knowledge-based industries which are essential to the future of the country.

Why is Venture Capital Important to Canada’s Future?

Learn how venture capital nurtures innovation, creates jobs & contributes to Canada’s economy.

Where does private capital go?

What can we do to keep private capital in Canada & funding our country’s economy?

Policy & Advocacy

As the voice of the venture capital and private equity industry, the CVCA advocates strongly for a policy and regulatory environment conducive to stimulating and supporting the vital innovative investments our members make every day to support the growth of Canada’s economy.

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Private Equity Case Studies

How a PE Partnership Unlocked the Potential for Nova Scotia’s Bluewave Energy
How a PE Partnership Unlocked the Potential for Nova Scotia’s Bluewave Energy

Birch Hill’s investment helped Bluewave make a total of 16 acquisitions over three years that more than tripled the size of the…

Strong Saskatchewan Roots With Growing Global Reach: How A PE Partnership Positioned Degelman And The Community For Growth
Strong Saskatchewan Roots With Growing Global Reach: How A PE Partnership Positioned Degelman And The Community For Growth

With Westcap’s investment, the company continued on product development and future growth and increased its employee count.