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Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Recognizing those who have pushed Canada’s business economy to bold new horizons.

The annual CVCA Awards is our opportunity to shine a spotlight on the year’s biggest over-achievers in deal making, returns, community service and more.

Private Equity Deal of the Year Award

This award recognizes the PE firm that put pen to paper and realized superior investment returns, effectively driving our investment ecosystem forward by setting new benchmarks for success.

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Venture Capital Deal of the Year Award

This prestigious award recognizes the VC firm that pushed the needle on actual realizations in 2018, essentially establishing a new paradigm in deal-making for the industry as a whole.

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Private Equity Global Dealmaker Award

This new award recognizes the Canadian PE firm that realized superior investment returns on a global PE investment, driving the ecosystem forward by establishing new definitions of success.

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Venture Capital Global Dealmaker Award

This new CVCA award recognizes a Canadian VC firm that achieved exceptional realization on a global VC investment in 2019, establishing a new standard in deal-making.

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Ted Anderson Community Leadership Award

You don’t give back to the community for the recognition or awards, but one very special, passionate and caring individual is going to win one anyway. The esteemed Ted Anderson Community Leadership Award recognizes an individual’s remarkable commitment of time and effort to a community organization or cause. This individual will have made a profound impact upon the organization or cause, thereby contributing to a greater quality of life for the people their generosity has touched.

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Private Capital Regional Impact Award

The Private Capital Regional Impact Awards recognizes one or more CVCA member firm whose investment has positioned their portfolio company to make a meaningful mark both within the community that they operate in and within the broader business ecosystem.

Winners of this award are committed to making impactful investments to help fuel job creation, diversity of talent, and community engagement. Up to four winners can be selected per annum, with one recipient per region.

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