Full Time - Toronto, Ontario

Investor at Canadian Business Growth Fund

Type Full Time
Location Toronto, Ontario
Company Canadian Business Growth Fund - The Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF) provides long-term, patient, minority capital to ambitious entrepreneurs to fund growth and expansion of mid-market businesses with investments between $3 and $20 million. An evergreen investment fund (perpetual with no expiration of commitment period) with capital commitments of $545 million, CBGF is committed to long-term partnerships with the Canadian-based companies it invests in. As part of its mission to drive growth, CBGF connects business leaders and sector experts to help its partner businesses achieve their full potential.
Website www.cbgf.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/CBGFinvestments


The Investor will be responsible for leading investment execution, screening new investment opportunities, and assisting portfolio companies scale their businesses. The Investor’s primary responsibility is to lead significant portions of the investment process, and a secondary responsibility is to work with the team to ensure that best practices are being followed in all aspects of the investment process. This is a ‘roll up your sleeves’ role - our ideal candidate would have a successful principal investing track record, experience mentoring junior team members, and a demonstrated proficiency in the key responsibilities for this position.

Investment Evaluation & Execution

  • Investment Screening: Play an active role in investment screening. Present and defend your positions on which deals to pursue or decline.
  • Shaping the Investment Thesis: Work with the Senior Investors to craft a sound investment thesis and ensure that key insights from due diligence are communicated to the investment committee.
  • Guiding Research: Work with Associate Investors and Analysts to guide CBGF’s industry research efforts and ensure that comparable company analysis is relevant.
  • Leading Financial Analysis: Ensure that financial analysis is thorough and addresses the relevant factors for each opportunity and purpose.
  • Due Diligence: Lead the due diligence process, using both internal and external resources.
  • Mentoring: Ensure junior team members are being developed and mentored. Their development is a key success factor for scaling CBGF’s investment capability.

Portfolio Management

  • Play a lead role in monitoring investee company performance and apprising the CBGF leadership team as to current and future prospects for each business.
  • Work with portfolio companies on key strategic initiatives (e.g. M&A, financings, major capex, exit opportunities) when required.
  • Ensure timeline and accurate delivery of quarterly valuation analysis for portfolio investments.

Business Development

  • Work with the investment team to support CBGF’s deal sourcing processes and network.
  • Take a proactive approach to reinforce CBGF’s key messages in the marketplace.


  • Embody CBGF’s values (Accountability, Excellence, Integrity, Partnership, Passion)
  • Trustworthy and transparent, honest, with a demonstrated track record of integrity
  • Team player with acountability – excited to work in a highly collaborative team environment; able to lead or support as required by the situation; puts the team and the firm ahead of individual goals. Organizational politics are not welcome. We seek those that take ownership of challenges, take responsibility for misteps and share credit for accomplishments.
  • Purpose Driven – understands that CBGF’s core mission is to support Canadian entrepreneurs – it is about them, not us; is aligned with the idea that CBGF’s business has been designed to create a scalable platform that can deliver meaningful impact to a large number of partner companies
  • Comfortable with Change - CBGF’s business is growing and scaling just like the companies we are partnering with. Each phase of our growth usually requires that we tweak how we do things to support our business. We are seeking another open-mined, entrepreneurial person who can help us solve problems, who leans into positive change while thinking about how to improve our processes, and is excited to help us build our own business, in addition to making prudent investments.
  • Strong Work Ethic: Operationally, CBGF strives to minimize excess capacity and unnecessary bureaucracy while balancing the workload amongst all team members. This requires that everyone on the team is willing to roll up their sleeves (often directly, not delegating)
  • Diligent, with a Bias for Action: We work hard to understand an opportunity and its key risks, and we need to be responsive and work at the pace of our entrepreneurial partners. An important factor for long-term success in the role will be the ability think quickly, make prudent decisions with imperfect information, and to identify the key information required to make those decisions in a timely manner, with the inclusion of the senior investment team.
  • Strong Communication Skills: able to explain complex concepts and to present arguments in a logical and clear manner and with the ability to convert voluminous data into valuable information that can be acted on; willing to speak up if something isn’t clear or when you need help.
  • Leadership Skills – Demonstrated ability to lead significant portions of the investment process, experience managing small deal teams comprised of internal and external resources; keen interest in developing the skills and judgment of junior team members.
  • Balancing Priorities: Demonstrated ability to manage a number of activities simultaneously.
  • Initiative – Seek ways to do things better. Expand the scope of research and/or analysis when appropriate.
  • Tenacity – Willing to go the extra mile to ensure that it is done right.
  • Highly detail-oriented - Committed to the highest quality of work.
  • Growth Mindset: understand there is always much more to learn.


  • Approximately eight or more years of total experience, with three to five years of relevant professional experience in private equity, late-stage venture capital, junior capital, or corporate development
  • Relevant Experience: Related buy-side experience within the mid-market – i.e. revenue of $5-100MM - with a track record of running comprehensive due diligence processes.
  • Practical Commercial Sense: A clear grasp of business and contextual drivers that make investments successful
  • Strong Relationship Skills: Demonstrated track record of developing strong relationships with partners, financing sources and management teams; is able to work with entrepreneurs and co-investment partners through all stages of the investment cycle
  • Technical Skills:
    • Ability to quickly learn new industries and/or business models and assess the drivers and risks of those businesses
    • Understanding of fiduciary responsibilities when undertaking investment decisions, acting on boards, etc. (especially in the context of minority investing)
    • Demonstrated ability to perform and lead: (i) financial analysis; (ii) construction of complex financial models; (iii) industry research and analysis; and (iv) valuation and structuring of investments in private companies


Compensation will be commensurate with experience level and fit of the candidate and will be comprised of a base salary, annual bonus target and the position will be eligible for the long-term incentive (carry) plan after one year of service.


Undergraduate degree required, ideally in business. An MBA or a professional designation is an asset.

Contact: Ronny Peleg, Project Coordinator: ronny.peleg@kornferry.com


Posted Jun 17, 2020