Frequently Asked Questions
CVCA Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

CVCA Intelligence

What is CVCA Intelligence?

CVCA Intelligence is the CVCA’s official data platform. Since 2013, the CVCA has captured the most comprehensive dataset on the Canadian venture capital and private equity industry. Our data platform captures industry deal and fundraising activity for this country’s private capital ecosystem, with over 10,000 company profiles, 11,000 deals, and 2,200 investment funds in the dataset. 

How much does it cost?

Access to CVCA Intelligence is dependent on a firm’s CVCA membership level. 

What is the CVCA’s partnership with Hockeystick?

In 2017, the CVCA entered into a strategic partnership with Canadian tech company Hockeystick, to enhance its database on the Hockeystick platform.
Our partnership provides member benefits which include an enhanced user interface, customizable advanced search functions and improved security. In future updates, users will be able to benchmark their firm’s investment performance against others in the industry. 

How do I sign up for CVCA Intelligence?

Please contact us using this form.

Data Collection

How does the CVCA collect its data?

The CVCA collects fundraising and investment data (a) on a daily basis from publicly announced deals in press releases and (b) on a quarterly basis from data contributors at each VC & PE GP and LP members active in Canada. Each quarter our data is vetted by industry professionals on our CVCA Data Committee, at Réseau Capital, and at the Venture Capital Association of Alberta (VCAA). The CVCA maintains the confidentiality of member-submitted data. 

How do I contribute/​report data to the CVCA?

Each quarter the CVCA will reach out to a designated point of contact at your firm to submit your firm’s quarterly activity. If you would like to be included in the CVCA’s quarterly VC & PE market overview, please contact us using this form.

Using CVCA Intelligence

How do I log in to CVCA Intelligence?

Once you are signed up, you will then be able to use CVCA Intelligence via the following link: https://​www​.hock​ey​stick​.co/​c​o​m​m​u​n​i​t​i​e​s​/cvca

While logged into Hockeystick:

  • Navigate to the Analytics tab on the upper ribbon at the top of the page and select CVCA” from the dropdown. 
  • You are now logged into CVCA Intelligance

As a team administrator, how do I add team members to CVCA Intelligence?

Note: This instruction is directed toward your organization’s designated Hockeystick administrator. It has been included in this FAQ for general awareness.

  • The number of CVCA Intelligence seats is capped depending on your firm’s CVCA membership level. Only team administrators are able to add team members to CVCA Intelligence. To add another user within your firm, you can click on Organization > Users and click on the blue “+ Add User” button.
  • You can then enter your teammate’s email address which will send them an automated invite email.

Who is my firm’s team administrator on CVCA Intelligence?

If you are unsure, please email support@​hockeystick.​co or use the chat function while logged in.

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