Posted March 04, 2021

Women’s distinctive strengths and behaviors provide them with many advantages. Yet the very habits that help them early in their careers can hold them back as they seek to rise.

In this interactive virtual seminar, Sally draws on her work with legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith to help women identify and address the habits most likely to get in their way as they seek to move to a higher level.

Using vivid real-life examples that resonate and inspire, Sally helps participants:

  • Identify how specific habits may hinder them as they move to a higher level
  • Initiate simple behavioral changes that can smooth their path going forward
  • Hold themselves accountable for changes that can benefit them and their organizations
  • Become a more powerful resource for other women seeking to rise

Participants will come away from this program with:

  • An enhanced understanding of their individual strengths
  • Tips for identifying and addressing challenges going forward
  • A proven means for enlisting support
  • Tools for enhancing their visibility and connections

Though this session is aimed at women, male participants report that that attending gave them a better understanding of what can hold women back and helped them be more informed and effective supporters of female colleagues.

About Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen, cited in Forbes as the world’s premier expert on women’s leadership, is an internationally best-selling author, speaker, and leadership coach. She has been ranked number 6 among the world’s top 30 leadership thinkers by Global Gurus, honored by the coaching consortium MEECO for her transformational influence on organizational cultures and chosen as the Thinkers 50/​Marshall Goldsmith world’s top coach for women leaders.

Sally’s most recent book, How Women Rise, co-authored with legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, examines the behaviors most likely to get in the way of successful women. It became the top seller in its field within a week of publication and rights have been sold in 15 languages.

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