Posted January 12, 2022

Any viable path to achieving net-zero by 2050 requires reducing the present GHG emission levels by two-thirds by 2030. This massive transformation requires replacing, at scale, the global economy’s productive asset base with non-emissive technologies while simultaneously decarbonizing the emissive industries. The recently concluded 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow was notable for (a) the realization that achieving net-zero has to be the organizing principle for businesses globally, and (b) the unanimity of the private capital providers at the COP26, representing $130+ Trillion assets (40% of global total), on the speed and scale of this transition.

In a fireside chat with Kim Furlong, the AWS Private Equity group’s Principal for Sustainability, Pankaj Sehgal, outlines (a) this transition’s implications for the VC/PE sector and (b) the close inter-relationship of sustainability transition and digital transition, and © how AWS is supporting the PE clients through this transition to meet their sustainability goals.

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