Posted February 15, 2023

As organizations are increasingly announcing their net zero commitments, stakeholders and regulators are scrutinizing efforts to ensure they are not simply greenwashing. Venture capital and private equity firms, for example, should be assessing if companies have credible transition plans and emission reduction targets in place that put them on the path towards net zero, and openly communicate on their climate management and performance in a way that is aligned with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) disclosure expectations. During this session, we’ll use a five-phase approach to discuss how to help portfolio companies establish and communicate net zero targets, develop a roadmap of specific solutions, implement efforts, and measure and report to gauge success.

Sander Jansen, Senior Manager, ESG, KPMG in Canada
Christine Morris, Senior Consultant, ESG & Sustainable Finance, Deal Advisory, KPMG in Canada

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