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Application Received

Application Received

Thank you for applying for CVCA membership!

CVCA’s Membership Coordinator will be in touch with you shortly. Note: The membership application processing time is 2 weeks. We appreciate your patience.

Here’s what to expect:

Step 1:
You will be asked to provide two (2) references that are current CVCA members. The Membership Coordinator will help you identify these references.

Step 2:
Once references are confirmed, our team will send you an e‑invoice for your membership. The membership period is based on the calendar year therefore your membership fee will be pro-rated from the date you join the CVCA.

Step 3:
Upon payment of membership invoice, you (and your team members, if applicable) will receive a welcome email from the Membership Coordinator. 

Have questions?
Please contact membership@​cvca.​ca