Private Capital Magazine

2016 Conference Edition of Private Capital, Front Cover

We are proud to present Private Capital, the official quarterly magazine for the CVCA.

Private Capital further strengthens our communication with venture capital and  private equity professionals across the country with regular features, in-depth news  and information on issues relevant to the industry.

Our features include interviews with high profile industry leaders, recent CVCA-commissioned studies, updates on legal and tax issues, investment banking and HR  issues, quarterly investment statistics and guest columnists.We regularly include  members’ letters to the editor, new funds, news on our members, CVCA awards, upcoming CVCA events, a review of past events and updates from CVCA’s various committees.


Private Capital magazine is mailed to CVCA members at no extra charge.

The non-member mailing list includes three thousand prospective members, government & departmental officials and other key stakeholders who influence the economic & policy framework in which Canada’s private equity and venture capital firms operate.


Important to its success is the ongoing involvement of our members, so we would like to take this opportunity to invite contributions from industry professionals. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number. We reserve the right to edit and or condense. We cannot guarantee all letters will be published. Please email it to

Past Issues

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