2021 CVCA Human Capital Benchmark Survey
Diversity & Inclusion

2021 CVCA Human Capital Benchmark Survey

Taking steps to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment among the Canadian private capital industry

As part of CVCA’s D&I priorities for this year and under the stewardship of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee, we are laser-focused on benchmarking and building a diverse talent pipeline within the Canadian VC and PE sectors. 

In 2019 CVCA released a human capital benchmark report that provided a snapshot of the state of diversity and inclusion. The report established baseline data for D&I, and the CVCA is refreshing the report this year in collaboration with Diversio, with the results to be published later this year. 

The employee engagement survey will be launched soon across our membership with the goal to capture workforce demographic data including gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability status. This updated demographic profile will allow us to acknowledge the progress that has been made, as well as specific recommendations on improving inclusivity in our ecosystem – an important step towards understanding the gaps that still exist and the work that still needs to be done. 

Having teams with a diversity of views, backgrounds, and experiences leads to better decisions, and as such, better performance. Our goal is simple: to help our members identify areas of focus that will enable them to attract and retain the best talent, improve performance, and build a reputation. 

Organizations Committed to Participate

BDC Capital

Montreal, QC

Cycle Capital

Montreal, QC

Genesys Capital

Toronto, ON


Toronto, ON


Toronto, ON

Relay Ventures

Toronto, ON

StandUp Ventures

Toronto, ON

Teralys Capital

Montreal, QC

Yaletown Partners

Vancouver, BC

How to participate

Many organizations that have participated in this initiative have seen significant improvement to their workplace diversity & inclusion. Watch your inbox for the survey link and be sure your entire team participates for accurate results. 

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As consumers pressure businesses to increase their diversity and inclusion standards, companies are realizing they have to do more than make public proclamations & pledges — they have to walk the talk.” But many companies struggle to create an actionable plan, even with the best intentions.

This is where Diversio makes a difference. Diversio’s technology platform uses artificial intelligence to uncover bias, recommend solutions, and quantify results. By tracking employee feedback and public perception in real-time, you get a data-driven approach to D&I with measurable targets & actionable goals from a database of 1,000+ solutions, as well as early warning signs for poor company culture, employee dissatisfaction, or a PR crisis.

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