VC & PE Canadian Market Overview // 2016 Year in Review


The CVCA’s VC & PE Canadian Market Overview report is Canada’s authoritative summary analysis of private capital investments, exits and fundraising activity relied on by government and private sector groups that drive the nation’s innovation.

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2016 Highlights

Venture Capital Highlights:

  • At $3.2B, 2016 VC investment exceeded 2015 by 41 per cent ($2.3B) and is the highest on record since 2001.
  • The average deal size was $6.1M, the highest since 1999 and 44 per cent higher than 2015 ($4.2M).
  • Large deals accounted for the surge:
    • Eleven $50M+ deals totaled $1B dollars, compared to only five $50M+ deals in 2015 totaling $335M.
    • Top 10 VC deals totaled in $984M; Waterloo-based Thalmic Labs Inc. deal was number one at $158M.
  • Ontario was home to $1.5B or almost half (46 per cent) of dollars invested, and another third ($1B) in Quebec setting high-water marks in InfoBase in both provinces.
  • ICT was the big sector winner with almost $2B invested in 330 deals, with six of the top ten 2016 deals being in this sector.
  • Life sciences was second with investments of $730M over 103 deals, with three of the top ten 2016 deals being in this sector.
  • Early stage companies received $1.6B (half of all VC investments) over 261 deals, up 29 per cent from last year’s $1.2B.
  • Opportunity for exits remained limited to acquisitions with 29 transactions totaling $521M, down 63 per cent from the $1.4B in M&A exits in 2015.

Private Equity Highlights:

  • Q4 was PE’s best quarter in 2016 with $4.1B invested over 137 deals, a 36 per cent increase over $3B invested in Q3.
  • Total investment in 2016 amounted to $13.7B (over 536 deals), dipping 40 per cent from $22.9B in 2015 (over 424 deals).
  • 32 $50M+ deals totaled $11B with the $1.6B acquisition of Toronto-based Trader Corporation taking the top spot.
  • Canadian mid-market sweet spot: $1.5B invested over 43 deals in the $20M-$50M deal size range, an increase of 41 per cent over the $1B invested (over 34 deals) in 2015.
  • $4.7B, a third of all dollars, was invested in Toronto-based companies (56 deals), followed by $3.2B in Calgary firms (over 38 deals) and $1.3B in Montreal (over 104 deals).
  • Oil and gas companies got $4.4B (32 per cent) of the funds invested, down 49 per cent from 2015.
  • Clean tech saw a 200 per cent uptick in investment with almost $2B invested in over 25 deals, driven by five $50M+ deals—the largest being the $800M acquisition of Montérégie-based Services Matrec Inc.
  • ICT companies received $2.5B (over 65 deals), up 352 per cent from the $556M in 2015 (over 59 deals).
  • M&A continued to be the primary exit vehicle for PE firms with 49 exits totaling $6.5B, down 44 per cent from $11.5B in the previous year.
  • Eight out of the most active top 10 PE investors were based in Quebec and contributed to 80-95 per cent of deals between $100k and $5M.

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