Celebrating International Women’s Day

Posted March 08, 2022

Choosing to be a private capital investor and deciding to go at it on your own! There’s a growing number of women are foregoing the traditional path and building their own funds from the ground up. While LPs have started to focus on the diversity of the fund managers they support, most of their dollars are not available to emerging managers until their funds are larger and have an established track record. Some women have turned what seemed impossible into reality.

As part of CVCA’s D&I series and to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, CVCA and CIBC have put together a panel of emerging fund managers and women leaders who joined funds in their early stages, to discuss why they decided to pursue their own funds, how they got the funds off the ground, how they support each other and build a community, and how they’ve gained access to non-traditional LP sources.

Michelle McBane, Managing Director, StandUp Ventures
Tracey McVicar, Partner, CAI Capital Partners
Lisa Melchior, Founder and Managing Partner at VERTU Capital
Whitney Rockley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, McRock Capital
Moderated by: Kathy Butler, Managing Director and Head at CIBC Capital Markets