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Cvca Intelligence Provides the Most Comprehensive Look at Canada’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Landscape.

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Stay ahead and explore, monitor, report, and export up-to-date and real-time investment data for venture capital and private equity in Canada since 2013

Learn about specific investors, funds, and companies

Comprehensive, Real-Time Analysis.

Includes profiles and relationships of 13,000+ companies, funds, VCs, and PEs active in Canada

Updatee 2.0 Includes:

Enhanced real-time data visualizations across multiple datasets for quick analysis and critical insights

Work faster with enhanced search and new export functions

Discover and qualify investors, funds, and companies with new profiles

Improved data cleanliness and transparency for improved efficiency and reliability

Improved data reporting process featuring a new automated experience

Authority & Reputation.

The CVCA represents more than 315 member firms and over 3,000 individuals, advocates on behalf of the industry, as well as connects private capital professionals with market intelligence, expert insights, and international counterparts.

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