Going Global: The International Spotlight on Canadian Funds

Posted February 15, 2022

Venture capital in Canada is taking flight on the global stage. The market has recorded historical growth figures despite the evolving challenges of COVID-19 and a rebounding economy. Canadian VC investment hit a high of CAD$11.8 billion spread across 568 deals in Q32021, topping the previous 2019 record of CAD$6.2 billion in 560 deals. Alongside domestic activity, this upward trajectory is increasingly fueled by international players looking to tap into Canada’s expanding ecosystem of investors and startups. With the global spotlight shining brightly on Canada, find out why here, why now and what it will take for VCs to sustain and grow interest in our tech and innovation market.

Brian Martin, investment director with TELUS Ventures — a Top 50 Global Corporate VC Fund; and CVCA’s Kim Furlong, discuss the current VC climate and the role funds play in accelerating the pipeline of international companies looking to Canada for new growth and investment opportunities.